Post-Reading Activities

Monday, March 23, 2015 No comments
After reading, there are many writing activities that you can do to check for comprehension and understanding.  Here are a few...
  • Summarize the text (chapter, scene, novel, poem, article)
  • Describe the main character
  • Compare and contrast yourself to a character
  • Make a list of vocabulary words you learned in the reading
  • Create a timeline of events from the text
  • Describe a connection between the text and another text (novel, short story, magazine article, comic book, poem)
  • Rewrite the ending to the story, describing what you would have liked to happen
  • Imagine you are a character in the story and write a shopping list of items he or she could have used in the story
  • Make a list of facts you learned from reading an expository text
  • Write questions you have after reading
  • Describe Cause and Effect relationships within the reading
  • Before reading the next chapter, predict what will happen next
  • Describe the setting (where and when the story takes place)
  • Draft a journal entry from the point of view of a character
  • Write a letter from one character to another
  • Identify the author's purpose for writing the text
  • Describe the central conflict in the story
  • Write a poem about the story, character(s), setting, or conflict
  • Create a travel brochure for the setting of the story
  • Make a list of memorable events in the main character's life

March Ahead

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 No comments
March Ahead... Get it?  Are you shaking your head?  Sorry, I love puns.

I can't believe it's already March!  It seems like with each new month, I find myself in the same state of mind, thinking...  Where has the time gone?  How is a new month already beginning?  What did I accomplish last month?  Did I change the calendar yet?  Which bills are due this week?  Where is this year going?  How much closer am I to being Mrs. Martin?  (The last thought has me particularly glowing lately.)  Sunday will mark five months until the big walk down the aisle.  It's crazy, but wonderful to think about...

But before we can get to the wedding date, before we can even get to the summertime, we have to get through spring (if it ever arrives), and the rest of this winter.  It's finally starting to warm up and thaw out, but if yesterday's commute home gave any indication, the thaw isn't going to be a fun, easy time either.  I actually had to cancel the first session of my workshop due to the inclement weather (super bummer!).  I drove home through a mix of snow, sleet, hail, and rain (hopefully no postal carriers were walking at the time!).  Luckily, I drove slowly enough to avoid slipping on the icy roads and didn't encounter any impatient drivers who were rushing to get from Point A to Point B (those drivers drive me crazy).

Lists always help me accomplish things, so I've decided to make a "March List" of things I'd like to do.  I know it'll change and I'll add to it as the month goes on, but here are some items on my mind this morning.  Here goes.

  1. Finish Lockport Activity Book for the Book Fair on March 21st
  2. Complete 15 hours of professional development
  3. Read 5 books
  4. Try 2+ new recipes for dinner
  5. Make a corned beef brisket for St. Patty's Day
  6. Finish editing the Brainstorming Writing Book and post on TeachersPayTeachers
  7. Decide on a honeymoon location and book it
  8. Start using my elliptical as more than just a dust collector in the spare TV room

So at the beginning of this new month, what are some things you'd like to accomplish?  What do you want to finish before we arrive at April 1st, seemingly blindsided by the fact that another month is upon us?  Make a list!  It'll help you keep track of everything easier.

Writing Challenge #3

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March's writing challenge!

Now I Know My ABCs

Write a story in which you begin each sentence with a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z.  How far can you get without stopping?

My Un-Future

We spend a lot of time discussing where we'd like to be in a year, five years, ten years, et cetera; rarely do we think about where we would not like to end up.  Think about the events you'd like to avoid.  Discover the moments you don't want to realize.  Vocalize the habits you hope you don't find routine.  Explore the professions you don't aspire to have.

Invented Spelling

When children are learning to be readers and writers in primary grades, they don't worry about spelling as much as content.  They write the sounds they hear based on the knowledge they have of letters.  As adults, many of us stress about spelling things correctly.  For this exercise, don't worry about your spelling...  Write quickly and worry only about getting your thoughts and content on the page.