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One of the biggest challenges I need to overcome is how distracted I am when I'm writing.  When I'm not subbing or I have a free evening alone, I try to set aside time to write.  Does that time always end up devoted to writing?  Unfortunately, no.  Most of the time is actually devoted to anything and everything except writing.


I end up doing laundry, washing the dishes, feeding the dogs, taking the dogs outside, having a snack, cooking dinner, watering the plants, answering a phone call, reading an email...  Basically, anything you can imagine, I end up doing it.

Having my new office upstairs in a room where I have everything I need does help.  I can let the dogs nap on the couch, I have a bathroom attached to the room, and I can listen to music to help me concentrate.  Usually, Nick is downstairs watching television, sleeping (especially since he's on the night shift), working outside, or out with friends when I'm working, so that helps, too.  If I know I don't need to stop for a while to make dinner or something, I'm a lot more apt to be able to relax and let the words flow.

Unfortunately, though, most of my inspiration comes late at night, when I can't afford to stay up and run with it.  I try to be in bed by 11:00 at the latest, but even that is pushing it most nights.  My sleep schedule has changed a great deal in the past couple of years and while I used to be a night owl, I currently tend to wake up automatically by 7:30 or 8:00.  That makes me want to be in bed earlier, even if it's not a school night.

So what are your strategies for avoiding distractions while you're working or writing?

I Still Get Jealous

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The song "I Still Get Jealous" by Nick Jonas is currently a guilty pleasure of mine.  I always forget who sings it, but hopefully now that I'm referencing it in text, I'll commit it to memory.  Anyhow, the title reminds me of something I'm usually afraid of touching on.  In the spirit of encouraging others to being braver with their writing abilities, I'd like to begin being braver with my own writing.


It's an interesting concept.  It's typically viewed as a negative quality to have, but I can see both sides of the situation.  I am a very jealous person when it comes to Nick with other girls, but I am not a jealous person when it comes to the "stuff" other people have.  The difference?  I value Nick greatly, but I don't really care about "keeping up with the Joneses" (or the Kardashians, or whomever we're supposed to be "keeping up with" these days).

Do I really think Nick would cheat on me with some other girl?  No, not at all.  I trust him.  On the flip side, I know how some women can be and I don't trust them to respect the relationship of a committed man.  I know Nick is a great guy and any woman would be lucky to have him.  He's smart, funny, charming, sexy, creative, spontaneous, hardworking...  The list goes on and on, trust me.  I'm incredibly lucky.  He's a catch.  But I'm pretty sure he thinks I am, too, so he's not going to go elsewhere to find someone else.  Plus he's also faithful, reliable, and trustworthy in general.  It doesn't mean that paranoia and jealousy can kick in when a waitress is flirting with him or some cashier is laughing at his jokes.  I'm only human, after all, and I admit it...  I get jealous.

But jealous of "things"?  Objects?  Never.  There are things I would like to have, but it's not because another person has them.  I would love a new living room set, but that's just because our current one is uncomfortable.  I don't have to have it "right now" like a spoiled child, even though I know there are a lot of people who have new furniture.  It makes no difference to me what other people have or don't have.  I have my own tastes, my own budget, my own possessions...  And I couldn't care less about what others have.  People who are jealous of others, in my opinion, are just unhappy with who they are (and sometimes wish they were just more like those people) and covet others' "things" because they think that's going to make them happy or complete. Newsflash: the things people have don't make them the type of people that they are.

So there you have it...  Good jealousy and bad jealousy.  Which category do you tend to fall under, or are you immune to the green-eyed monster?

Writing Challenge #5

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It's that time of the month again!  (No, not that time...)  As always, I'm shocked that it's the beginning of yet another new month, but here is May's writing challenge, ready to go!

If, Then...

Inspired by Laura Numeroff's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, or any of her "cause and effect" books, write a story using "if" and "when" statements.  And P.S., if you haven't read any of her books, check them out!


Think of something that has changed during your lifetime.  It could be something that has changed repeatedly (for me, a cassette tape has evolved into a CD, and now almost all of my music is digital) or something that has gone through a minor change.  Describe how it started and where it is today.

Accentuate the Positive

Let's be real: we all have flaws.  But some of our flaws could be spun into strengths if we consider all sides.  I might be bossy, which could be considered a flaw, but my bossiness also helps me be a good leader and urge others to get things done.  Make a list of your "flaws" and see how many you can turn into positive qualities.