A Mindful Walk

Friday, July 6, 2018
Here's your weekly mindfulness activity. This one is a mindful walk in a familiar space or new space you want to appreciate.

Materials You'll Need...

  • A hallway or outdoor space

Pick space indoors or outside where you can walk around. You'll need a bigger space than one room. Walk around and really pay attention to what is happening around you.

Some things to ask yourself... What sounds do you hear? What do you notice about the ground you're walking on? What do you see above you? What is the temperature like? Are you warm or chilly? How does it feel to breathe deeply in this space? How do you feel walking in this area? Are there people around you? 

Ideally, I like to do this outside and really connect with nature. Sometimes I feel like I've been indoors too long and need to breathe in the fresh air outside, hear birds chirping, and smell flowers and freshly cut grass and all of the wonderful smells nature has to offer.

Sometimes this is a great thing to do as a brain break for your students. Have they been sitting around in a stagnant classroom all morning? Take a mindful walk before dropping them off at the cafeteria for lunch. 

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