Cyber Sale!

Sunday, November 25, 2018 No comments
Mark your calendars! It’s that time of year again... Teachers Pay Teachers is having their sitewide cyber sale on Monday and Tuesday. Get resources for up to 25% off when you use promo code CYBER18.

Everything in my store will be on sale and now is the time to buy! Be sure to grab those resources you’ve had on your wish list. Now is a great time to plan ahead and think about what you’ll need for the remainder of the school year (can we believe it’s already nearly December?!)

As always, be sure to leave feedback on all of your purchases to earn credit toward your future purchases at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Happy Shopping!!

Getting to Know You Bingo Game Boards

Friday, November 23, 2018 No comments

This pack of Bingo boards is great for classroom activities. Each is themed and designed to get your students talking about themselves and each other. Some are based on personal interests, while others are more focused on knowledge of certain subject areas.

Suggested use is having your students quiz each other to find out which spaces they can fill in with their classmates’ assistance. Some boards may need a separate sheet of paper for elaboration of answers. Other boards may be used for projects or getting to know more about your students.

The last included board is blank for you or your students to create your own theme.

Click here to get this resource now!

If you are in need of custom game boards or have suggestions for additional themes, please contact me at

Happy Learning!

P.S. Are you just interested in a quick game of Icebreaker Bingo to get your students talking to each other and getting to know more about one another? Check out one of my Top 5 Most Popular Teaching Products today!

GIFs: Mommy Mode

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 No comments
Being a mom is awesome and rewarding. Every day is a new adventure. I love hearing Cam say a new word he learned (“triangle” is my recent favorite). It’s fun to see him rock a new dance move (poor kid inherited my dance style). Some days I feel like I can actually watch Tuck growing because he’s doing it so quickly. Parenting gives me a chance to relive parts of my childhood and watch them enjoy the wonder of discovering the world around them. I feel lucky to be a mom to these two little boys and I’m so fortunate to be raising them with their super hot and funny dad by my side. 

But let’s face it... Some days are hard. Some moments are frustrating. Sometimes kids are exhausting. And sometimes you find a perfect GIF to capture those experiences perfectly. Enjoy!

When you just spent an hour rocking the baby to sleep and as soon as you climb into bed, he starts fussing again.

When you tuck the kids in and try to be super quiet while you go downstairs to watch something other than Nick Jr. on TV for a little while.

When you actually get a minute to watch that show you DVRed weeks ago, but you're too tired to stay up for the entire thing (or even five minutes of it!).

When you hear your kids calling for you over the monitor during the night.

When you think your baby is up to eat, but you realize how well-rested you are because it's actually morning and he slept all night for a change.

When you take more than two minutes to get your toddler the drink he asked for... Two minutes is more than enough time for him to change his mind.

When you're trying to wash your hair and the shower curtain starts to move because your toddler has no boundaries.

When your child doesn't appreciate your choice for dinner tonight.

When your husband gets home, the house is a disaster, the kids are fussy, and dinner isn't ready and he asks how your day was.

When your baby does something super adorable that makes a rough day totally worth all the frustration and exhaustion.

Top 5 Most Popular Teaching Products

Thursday, November 1, 2018 No comments
Over the past six years since I've had my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I have developed over 80 products... An amount that continues to grow all the time. Even though I am happy to reach a number of teachers and students around the world, I have noticed that five of my resources are more popular than any others.

#1 Icebreaker Bingo

While this product frequently gets a lot of attention around Back to School time, I find that my top-selling resource blows away sales all year long. With all 4-star ratings, I think my buyers would agree that if you're looking for a great way to have your students get to know each other, this is it! (I also have a bigger pack of Getting to Know You Bingo Game Boards available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.)

#2 Graphic Organizers Super Pack: 65 Organizational Tools for K-12

My second best seller is a fabulous tool for any teacher at any level. I have compiled a set of 65 graphic organizers that are easy to print and use in the classroom. If you're just looking for one graphic organizer in particular, I do have some singles for sale in my store, but this bundle is a bargain!

#3 Blank Rubric for Quick Project Scoring

Next, I have a blank rubric for scoring projects. I know from experience, there were many times I needed a rubric and ended up recreating the wheel each time. This is ready to go and easy to use. However, it is a PDF. Due to some buyers contacting me in hopes of buying an editable rubric that could be used in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, I ended up creating a new product that is easy to customize. If you are interested in the editable product, click here to view it in my store.

#4 Beginning, Middle, and End Graphic Organizers

A favorite product of many, I have received feedback that this is used as a comprehension activity in guided reading groups, as a prewriting tool in writer's workshop, and even as a step-by-step plan in solving word problems in math. It is definitely a versatile and helpful resource to have in your back pocket!

#5 Thanksgiving Activities for Elementary Students

Just one of my holiday-themed activity packs, I can always count on this being a big seller in November. I have received so much positive feedback about my no-prep Thanksgiving activities and I am happy to know so many students have enjoyed them!