Day 4 of Freebies!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

In honor of the teachers who do so much for so many students around the world, I am releasing a new freebie in my store every day this week! 

Today's freebie is a homework swap coupon. Award your students with the ability to swap out a homework assignment for a different activity of their choice. The choices on this coupon include: Read for 20 minutes, Play math games for 20 minutes, or Write 1 page about any topic.

These coupons help demonstrate that homework and practicing academic skills outside of school is a valuable activity, but allows your students the freedom of choice. Use as a reward for winning a contest, reaching a goal, or doing a good deed in class.

Go ahead and visit my store and download it today! Be sure to come back tomorrow to grab the next freebie!

Happy Teaching!

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